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aids walk 2024


location & parking

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DOGS are welcome at the AIDS WALK. No other pets permitted. 

PRINT AND COMPLETE THE WAIVER. Bring with you for faster check in. 

  • At least 6 months old.

  • Up to date on vaccinations.

  • In relatively good health.

  • Friendly towards fellow walkers and other dogs.

  • Prior to entering the ballpark through our Centerfield gates, owners will be asked to sign a waiver stating that your dog has received all necessary vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. Vaccinations include: rabies, DHLP, Parvo, and Bordatella. Failure to do so will result in denied access to event. 

  • All dogs must have ID tags and be on a fixed leash at all times.

  • Pick up after your dog. Bring your own bags for waste disposal.

  • Participants must enter through the Centerfield gates located off of Spruce Goose Street.

  • Walkers with two or more dogs must have an additional adult owner to accompany the canine at all times.

  • The Las Vegas Ballpark reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog.

  • We ask that walkers use good judgment regarding the temperament of your dog to ensure the enjoyment of all walkers.

  • Do not bring your dog if it is unpredictable in crowds, with other dogs, and/or strangers.

  • Walkers will be allowed to enter the ballpark with one unopened bottle of water for the dog owner and one unopened bottle of water for the dog.

  • As to not interfere with the event, toys such as, but not limited to, frisbees or balls will not be allowed.


las vegas ballpark bark in the park waiver

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